Where is your farm? Where is everything grown?

Our farm is located at 17403 Mueschke Rd. Cypress, Texas 77433. This is the same location where our “at the farm markets” are located. Everything we sell is grown on our farm in Cypress, Texas. If you ever come to one of our markets at the farm you are standing in one of our fields. If we ever sell anything not grown at our farm we will clearly indicate that (ie. fruits and veggies that cannot be produced in Southeast Texas).

When are you open? Can i buy vegetables on other days of the week?

We are open at the farm on Wednesdays from 8-12 and 4-7 and on Saturdays from 8-12. We do not allow pickups or purchases on other days of the week as we are busy preparing for our market days.

When will _____ be ready? What do you have right now?

On Tuesday’s and Friday’s we post what will be available at the following day’s market. We have a “In Season” page that is updated weekly that shows what is currently in season and what is upcoming. We only grow and provide produce that is currently in season for our area.

Can I reserve ____ amount of produce to be picked up at the market?

We do not allow reservations of produce as we know that life happens and pickups are not always possible even with the best intentions. If that happens, we are left with unusable produce that other families could have enjoyed. If you are requiring a certain amount of produce we suggest arriving early during the time that we are open to ensure availability.

Can we pick our own?

We do not allow pick-you-own for any of our produce. As fun as it may sound, picking the vegetables and blackberries is hard work and comes with challenges. You can see most of the fields from the farms stand.

My children are homeschooled, can we tour the farm as an educational experience?

We do not offer farm tours as a stipulation of our liability insurance. Let your kids explore our social media pages to learn more about the produce and farming practices. Adding an educational program or workshop is on our to-do list.

How do i store the vegetables? The eggs?

Most of our vegetables are best stored in the fridge after washing. Some of the root vegetables, such as potatoes, don’t go in the fridge. The eggs are washed, therefore need to be stored in the fridge and not at room temperature.

Are your eggs free-range?

Our eggs are ungraded therefore we cannot label them as free-rage or yard eggs. The chickens spend the majority of their day roaming on the farm eating bugs and leftover produce. We supplementally provide them feed in order to get them back into their coop every night for their safety against critters.

Are you organic?

We are not certified organic, but follow organic farm processes. We don’t use pesticides on our fruits or vegetables. We are members of TOFGA- Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.

Do you sell CSA boxes? Do you deliver?

We do not sell CSA boxes at this time or deliver vegetables. All produce and eggs can be purchased directly at the farm during our open hours.

do you sell raw milk or meat?

We do not sell raw milk or meat. We are happy to provide some recommendations if requested.