The farm has been in our family for decades. We believe in Fresh, natural, local.

It began as a means to get rid of excess from an over ambitious farmer, to a way to help put two kids through Texas A&M University at the same time, and now as a way to spread real food that we love to the people around us. We sold wholesale to some of the top restaurants in Houston and have been in the Houston Chronicle. Now fifth generation farmers are going back to their roots to provide fruits and veggies direct to the farm to the local community. All of our produce is grown on the farm, not shipped from Mexico or the Valley. We are 100% local, therefore we rely solely on what is in season. We won’t have heirloom tomatoes in December and we won’t have broccoli in the dead of summer. We don’t have celery or avocados because they simply don’t grow in our climate. We grow heirloom vegetables and non-GMO produce. We have been growing the some of the same produce for over 50 years. Everything is picked by hand from the people you see at the farm stand.